Museum Assignment


Find a museum in your area or travel to the museum of your choice.Below is a list of some museums in our area:

Canajoharie Library Collection/Canajorharie,NY

Munson Williams Proctor Museum/ Utica , NY

Fenimore House and Native American Art Museum/ Cooperstown, NY

Everson Museum/ Syracuse, NY

Clark Museum/Williamstown, Mass.

Norman Rockwell Museum/ Stockbridge, Mass.

Old Forge Art Center

Hamilton College Art Gallery

Of course, there is NYC with the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art

Guggenheim Museum

Brooklyn Museum

And galleries too numerous to name here.

Catskill area: DIA Beacon

Oleana, home of the Hudson River Painter , Frederick Church

Obviously if you are a student from California, you can choose whatever museum is in your area. If you want some guidence as to what is available in your area, let me know exactly where you live, and I will give you some ideas.

This Museum visit must be completed by 4/1 to give you time to research one artist that you find in the museum collection.


From your museum visit choose one work which really grabs your attention.
Make little pencil sketches of the work. These are not professional finished drawings, but rough quick sketches of the chosen artwork.

a. Objects, figures, architecture, abstract marks, etc.
b. Values ( light and shadows)

c. Composition, ( where things are in the picture )

Do not worry about photographic realism here. A sketch is a sketch.
Make about 4 or 5 little sketches, taking about a total of 30 min.

* Make a digital image of the drawings, and attach the file as you would attach a file to a written assignment.

* You may also scan your drawing, and attach that file.


PART 3/Museum Project

Write a short research essay on the particular artist that you chose. You want to choose an artist that has some fame here. If you choose the local talent, there may not be much material on the net in which to write much on.

Make the essay about 350 words, or more if you get going. Good luck, Mr. S.


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