Module 8 Late Gothic and Renaissance Art

In this module, we will research 15th and 16th Century art in Europe. These time periods are known as Gothic Art and the Renaissance.


What You’ll Learn To Do: Examine High Renaissance art and it’s influence on later art history.

In Module 8 we will examine later medieval art, and what is known as the High Renaissance in Italy, and Northern Europe. We will look at how artists like Michelangelo contributed to the development of Western art. It is imperative to understand High Renaissance in order to see how it impacted later artistic developments.


Gothic Art  

Renaissance Art

The course modules end with the art of the Late Middle Ages, and the Renaissance in Italy. Along with the great art, and architecture of the late middle ages, we will explore the explosion of art seen in the Renaissance throughout Europe in the 15th, and 16th centuries.

Some of the artists are well known, and among the most famous artists in art history. Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo are just two.

Others like Grunewald, and Van Eyck, are less well known, but equally important.

Many feel that the modern world was born in the Renaissance. New ways of thinking, and seeing, are expressed in the arts of the Renaissance.

We will research just a fraction of the great advances seen in this exciting time for the arts, and humanity. 


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