195 Discussion Grading Guideles


Here is the grade rubric for the class discussions. If you have any questions about your grade, don’t hesitate to ask questions, or even challenge your grade.

I know that they will continue to improve as we move along, Mr. S.

Send me an email with any questions, and post questions to each other here on the class Bulletin Board!

The required attendance is three times each week, with three documents posted for each logon. That is a minimum of nine docs a week for each module.

Submit one evidence of research, statement, etc., and then make two responses to other student’s posts. The class discussion should show evidence of interaction between students.

Interaction is impossible with just one logon, as there is no true interaction. Copy/paste Wikipedia does not meet college standard.

Grade Rubric

1.    90-100

Clearly above average in class, and a class leader in the discussion. Posts throughout entire module with college level statements, research, and interaction with other students. Includes web sites, personal narrative; and varies length of posts. Goes beyond, simple I agree statements, and one lined thoughts.

2.     80-89

All of the above, but not quite with the same purpose. Stands out, and above average, but clearly not the best posts in class. Posts a little less, slightly shorter posts the norm.

3.     70-79

Class average, posts twice a week, not a starter of the class discussions. Not much feedback to other students. Shorter posts, and posts provide a little less quality information. Leaves out web sites, not much in the way of first person thinking.

4.       60-69

Posts twice during entire module, often goes a full week between logon. Not meeting the minimum attendance requirement of three logons per week. No response to other students, and most posts are one, or two lines. Some spelling errors, posts seem rushed. Often copy/paste from sites such as Wikipedia.

5.        50-59

Not meeting attendance minimum, often posts one sentence on last day of module. No interaction with other students.

Mr. S.


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