210 Module 2 Egypt and Mesopotamia Class Discussion 1 Images of An afterlife

We are studying the art of the Egyptians. Mummies play on our imaginations in many art forms, as expressed in the famous series of horror films the a mummy coming to life. The idea of life after death is central to many religions, and is seen in art and artifacts throughout history from the caves to the present.

Some historians see Egypt as a culture obsessed with death. Others, regard the pyramids and their contents as proof of a spiritual plane; and find in these artifacts the answers to all of life’s questions.

Step 1

So, what do we believe? I want each of you to discuss your particular belief about this age old question. One thing for sure is that we are all in the same boat. None of us really knows, or so I believe.

To get started you might reread the text and do some research about Egyptian beliefs.

Step 2

See if you can find some art that reflects on the ideas of death. 

Here is an example of a painting by the great French artist, Manet.



“The fallen matador is no longer part of a narrative but is instead an icon, an isolated and compelling figure of sudden and violent death.”

You may use a work from Egyptian, or Mesopotamian art. 

Please respect all other beliefs, if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinions, get over it. We are more likely to have some common beliefs.


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