212 Sigmund Freud’s Collection of Artifacts

The famous Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychiatry, collected ancient artifacts.

Many of these were from the period we are studying in Module 2 from Egypt and Mesopotamia.

From the 1890s on Freud accumulated a fine collection of antiquities which dominates his Study.  Carpets also help create the other-worldly atmosphere of his rooms, covering the famous couch, parts of the wall and furniture and the floors with exotic textures. Freud also amassed some less well known collections, such as his photographic prints, mementoes of holidays in Italy, many of them depicting Italian scenes or Renaissance works of art.

Freud’s collection of antiquities contains almost 2,000 items. 

Here are some links:

Website for the collection, click on antiquities


Isis Suckling Infant Horus


Head of Osiris


Falcon Headed Figure



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