104 Contact Information

Instructor:  Jessica Kelly
Course Number:  SC 113
Mailing Address:  100 Reservoir Road, Herkimer, NY 13350

Ways to communicate with me and other students:


The general practice in SLN is for communication to take place within the online course. There are several ways to communicate with me and other students:

Discussion Forums are where you post your responses to discussion questions and read the responses of others. Your contribution to discussions is an important part of the course, and part of the learning activities you’ll be evaluated on. Forums are located within the Learning Modules. Use this space for any question or comment that is of interest for the whole class.

Course Mail, is available in the “Communications” tab; ‘course mail’ is a private one-on-one way for you to communicate with me. Use course mail to address specific questions or comments to me or selected members of the class. Use this resource only for private communication.

‘Talk with the Professor/Ask a Question’ are areas in the course for public contact and communication with me and others in the course. These areas are found within each module of the course and are specific to the content of each module in which they are found.

The Bulletin Board, found at the bottom of the main Learning Modules course page, is a public area in the course for contact and communication with the entire class that is not tied to the content in a specific course module.

Phone: 315.866.0300 ext. 8222
Private Communications:  Contact me through ANGEL Course Mail
Logon Schedule:  I will logon frequently and do my best to respond to all questions within 48 hours


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