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The standard text for this course is:

Biology of Aging

The text is an open source textbook and available under the textbook tab at the top of this page.



Required Software


In this course you will be using conventional productivity software, such as word processor and graphic presentation tool. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint would be appropriate, or similar programs that can convert files to the RTF or PDF format. In addition, you may require certain Internet plug-ins for using articles, simulations, or videos inserted in some documents of this course. These are:

1. Adobe Reader

2. Macromedia Flash Player

3. Macromedia Shockwave Player

Click to download and install these plug-ins.



Additional Resources

Each module of the course contains many links to Internet resources that are relevant to the specific content. In addition, students can benefit from the HCCC Library.


If you have a question about the readings and materials for this course, please post a question in the ” Ask a Question”  area located at the bottom of the “Course Information” section of this course. Please be sure to give your post a meaningful subject and to check that area frequently for replies and new posts.


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