103 Welcome to the Class!

Throughout the documents found in this “Course Information” folder, you’ll find syllabus-like information (Overview, Course Reading and Materials, Course Schedule, etc.). You should read these documents  in order and feel free to ask any questions you might have along the way by clicking on the “Ask a Question” discussion forum at the bottom of each module. However, this area is not for just for asking questions. I encourage you to respond to any questions posted to help each other out along the way. After reading through the Course Information documents, you should have a clear understanding of my expectations of you in this course. You may want to print out some of the documents, if you are more comfortable reading or keeping the course information off-line.

After you have read through the Course Information documents, return to the main Learning Modules screen, this area contains all the content and areas for interaction in this course. Look at the “guide” area to the left-hand side of your screen, this “guide”  is a course “map” and directs you to “what’s new” in the course by providing quick links to help you navigate around the course. The Learning Modules contain the all content, reading assignments, and learning activities for this course. The Learning Module section is where you “attend class” on a weekly basis. Rely on the Course Schedule found in this course information section to plan your participation, work, and to find out when all course learning activities/assignments will begin, end, or are due. Please be sure you review and refer to all the “Student How To’s” documentation for instructions on how to navigate and participate in course activities. If you have any technical questions or problems, please contact the SLN HelpDesk.

Important notice: If something in the course seems odd, or if you are not clear what you are expected to do, let me know.


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