112 Requirements

Overview of Term Research Project:

  1. Interview a person over the age of 75 on their personal experience in aging and research each of the conditions the individual is experiencing.
  2. Write a research paper that summarizes the individual’s personal experiences and the conditions the individual is experiencing.
  3. Discuss the research papers

Please check the Course Schedule for all due dates.


Your term research project assignment is to write an original research paper on an individual’s experience with aging and the specific conditions they suffer from. The assignment is divided into into three parts. Each part is graded separately.

Part 1 – Interview:

  1. Select an individual over the age of 75 to interview on their experience with aging.
  2. Complete the interview and transcribe the conversation.  Post to your Term Paper Part 1 dropbox.

Part 2 – Write the paper:

Write and submit your paper.

Paper Requirements:

1. The minimum acceptable length of your paper is 2500 original words.

2. The content of your paper will be evaluated using two criteria:

Have you addressed the significant issues?

Have you added significant teaching value to the course?

3. Include a Works Cited page:

Use the textbook as one of your resources and specifically reference the pages used in your paper.

Use a minimum of 5 websites as resources and include a working link to each website in your paper.


4.  Submit your paper to the ANGEL Term Paper Drop Box.

Part 3 – Discussion of all papers:

Paste your paper into the Term Paper 3 forum. Read and discuss the papers you find most interesting and valuable. You are expected to provide constructive criticism and insightful teaching presence for these papers, and respond to most of the students who comment on your paper. You need to logon and be an active participant in the forum. This blog will be graded using the same grading scale as the chapter and written assignment forums.  I will grade your first 12 posts.


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