108 Learning Activities

The course is divided into Learning Modules. In each module there are several graded learning activities, including a written assignment, a written assignment discussion,  2 or more textbook chapter discussions, and a 2-part learning audit. In addition there is a term paper module to be completed throughout the course.  These various learning activities are detailed below.

Written Assignments and Related Discussions:

Each module includes a written assignment and a written assignment discussion activity. In each module, there is a written assignment folder – the dropbox is in that folder, as is the written assignment discussion forum. In addition to leading the discussion on your own assignment, you must also participate in the discussions of other students.

Student-led Discussions:

In every module you will find two or more Student-led Discussions. This is the way we cover the content of the textbook. For each chapter you must ask an original “critical thinking” question about some topic in the chapter. Other students will respond to your question, and you will then reply back to those students. In addition you leading your own discussion thread, you are required to answer some of the questions posed by other students, and they are required to reply to your answers. You are encouraged to keep up these “virtual discussions” as long as they are productive. The idea here is for each student to lead one discussion with the other students about some important and/or controversial issue introduced in each chapter, and participate in a few others. A large percentage of your final grade is determined by your participation in these discussions. I will grade these discussions, but I will not be a participant. If the discussion you are leading gets off track, it is your responsibility to refocus it. You are responsible for maintaining the quality of the discussion threads you lead. Every posting to a discussion should add something substantive to that discussion.

Knowledge Audits:

In each module your appreciation for and understanding of the important content issues and concepts will be assessed two ways:

Module Exams:
There is an objective exam on the textbook chapters for each module. Although you may use your textbook, the exams have a time limit.

Module Recaps:
You are asked to write a brief overview of the most important things that you have learned in each module.

Term Paper:

You are required to complete a three part term paper as part of this course.  Part one of this project requires you to interview a person over the age of 75 on their experiences with the agin process.  Part two of this project requires you to write a research paper.  Your interview will be one of the sources for this paper, but you will be required to do additional research on any conditions your interviewee may have experienced in their lifetime.  Part three of the term paper will require you to lead a discussion on your term paper. You are encouraged to keep up these “virtual discussions” as long as they are productive.

Extra Credit / Make-up Work / Incomplete Grades

  1. The major requirement in this course is to discuss, with other students, the contents of each chapter in the text. There is no substitute for this requirement, and I do not permit “extra credit” or “alternative credit” assignments.
  2. Also, there is no way to “go back” after a module has ended and “make-up” missed discussion activity, because there are no other students left to learn from your posts and discuss the content with you.
  3. Finally, an incomplete in the course is not appropriate, as there is no way to complete the course once it has ended and all of the other students are gone.




If you have a question about the learning activities for this course, please post a question in the ” Ask a Question”  area located at the bottom of the “Course Information” section of this course. Please be sure to give your post a meaningful subject and to check that area frequently for replies and new posts.


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