100 Course Learning Activities

Course Learning Activities

Textbook Readings

The book we will use in this course is a free on-line text. In each module there will be a link to two chapters.

Student-led Virtual Seminars
In every module you will find a Student-led Virtual Seminar. This is one way we cover the content of the textbook. For each chapter you will ask a “critical thinking” question about some topic in the chapter. Other students will respond to your question. In addition you will answer some of the questions posed by other students. Half of your final grade is determined by your participation in these seminars.

Chapter Exams

In every module there will be two open-book exams on the chapters covered in the next module. The exams will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions. The course is set up so that you will take the exams on the two chapters in one module and then discuss the chapters in a seminar in the next module. This is to ensure you read the chapter before you discuss it.

Research Paper
A research paper is required. It will be due towards the end of the semester. Details are provided in the Research Paper Assignment Module.

Course Announcements

Course announcements appear on the course homepage. Make sure you check it every time you log-on.



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