114 Culminating Survey

  1. Did you check the feedback on your chapter exams? In other words, did you take a look at the exam after the module closed to see which questions you got wrong and what the correct answers were?
  2. When I graded the seminars, I provided feedback in the form of a rubric and sometimes written comments. Did you ever check this?
  3. When I graded the paper, I again provided feedback in the form of a rubric and comments. Did you check this feedback?
  4. Do you think the course was substantive enough? In other words was the work load adequate to ensure that you learned something in the course? Would you recommend that I make the course harder, make it easier, or keep it the same?
  5. At Herkimer, we are experimenting with the use of free on-line textbooks referred to as Open Educational Resources (OER). As you know we used such a book in this course.This is the first time I have used OER in one of my courses and I am really interested in your comments. Did you feel the book was as good as a traditional printed textbook? Did you have any trouble using it? Even if there are a few problems with using an OER book, is it worth using one because of the zero cost. Any other thoughts?


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