65 Step 2: Discussion 8A – Evaluating Sources

Discussion 8A – Evaluating Sources

  1. Watch the video: Video – Earth. Parts – Scientific approach to problems, skepticism, critical thinking
  1. Choose a topic from the pseudo-science list below or another controversial science topic that interests you.
    1. Patterson Bigfoot Footage
    2. Phoenix Lights Footage
    3. Flat Earth Society
    4. Chemtrails

Note: These links are jumping off points. You will likely need to do some more research to familiarize yourself with these topics before moving on to step 3.

  1. Find two sources on that subject and answer the questions on the Source Evaluation Checklist for each. One source should be a source you consider persuasive and the other should be one you consider inadequate or not credible. Post your responses to evaluate the source on this discussion board.


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