52 Essay 2 – Definition Argument

Draft Your Paper

The Unit 2 essay is a Definitional Argument essay. Re-read the instructions and essay prompts provided in the Definitional Argument Essay. For the Essay 2 assignment, choose one of the prompts, conduct research, and argue why we should choose a particular definition or use one term over another. If you would like to write about something other than what is provided here, please run your idea by your instructor.

Understand the Essay Requirements

The assignment requirements are:

  1. Write a three page (or longer) essay
  2. Provide a clear thesis that argues about a definition or performs a categorical evaluation.
  3. Use MLA format (Size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, heading ,etc.)
  4. Provide three or more criteria that define the term or category
  5. Use three convincing sources, quoted and cited in the paper and listed in a Works Cited list
  6. Use clear and interesting writing
  7. Present your ideas in an organized manner


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