40 Unit 2 – Definition Argument

In Unit 2, we will learn to craft well-considered definitions and then use them as a basis for constructing an argument (or written presentation of our perspective).

When we analyze arguments, we often encounter people using the same words, but meaning different things. Varying definitions of terms or concepts often lie at the heart of important arguments. Sometimes people use words incorrectly; other times they hide nasty ideas behind pleasant or non-offensive terms. Words mean different things in different cultures and change meaning in context.

In order to be able to evaluate a choice, perspective, or argument, we need to be able to agree on the definitions we are using.

In this unit, you will consider definitions in our readings and then write a paper in which you present your definition.

This second essay is called a Definition Argument Essay. There are two primary types of evaluative arguments you will learn about: Definition Arguments and Categorical Evaluations. Conceptually, they are closely related.

Modules 5 and 6 are included in this unit:

  1. Module 5: Reading – Choose your reading strand, and read the works carefully.
  2. Module 6: Drafting and Revising – Draft and revise a definition argument essay.


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