53 Unit 3 – Research Essay

Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on the WallOur main activity for Unit 3 is a Research Essay.This assignment asks you to explore some aspect of culture: gender, identity, media, crime, or other cultural aspects. As you explore the prompts for the essay you will write for this unit, you will be conducting research and learning more about documenting sources.

Throughout this unit, we will work on thinking critically about ideas, finding and evaluating sources, incorporating them into your writing, and properly documenting your research in MLA style. Along with your final essay, you will create an annotated bibliography of sources to demonstrate the logic behind your research choices.

Modules 7-10 are included in this unit:

  1. Module 7: Reading – Choose your reading strand, and read the selections carefully.
  2. Module 8: Research – Conduct research related to your idea.
  3. Module 9: Drafting – Draft your research essay.
  4. Module 10: Revising – Considering feedback from your instructor and classmates, revise your essay.


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