62 Evaluating Sources

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Your argument is only as strong as your sources. Some sources are much more persuasive than others. This week’s activity asks you to find two sources, a persuasive source and a not-so-persuasive source, and to evaluate them both. The Source Evaluation Checklist will give you criteria for your evaluation.

Step 1 – Read Resources on Evaluating Sources

Source Evaluation Checklist

Writing Commons – What Might be a More Credible, Reliable Source?

Excelsior College OWL – Evaluating Sources

Writer’s Handbook – Evaluating Sources

Step 2 – Watch the video and read up on on of these topics below.

Video – Earth. Parts – Scientific approach to problems, skepticism, critical thinking

A. Patterson Bigfoot Footage

B. Phoenix Lights Footage

C. Flat Earth Society

D. Chemtrails

Step 3 – Complete the activity on the Discussion board.


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