28 Module 3: Discussion Questions

Discussion 3A – Consider the Context

Take another look at the supplemental readings for the Reading Strand you selected in Module 2.

For one of the primary readings, consider how information or ideas that you learned through the supplemental reading helps you better understand the primary reading.

In this discussion post, share at least one idea or item of information that you learned from the supplemental readings. Write about how learning this changed or deepened your understanding of the primary reading.

Remember to mention the titles and authors of both the primary and supplemental readings in the first paragraph of your entry. Also, please include at least two quotations from the texts in your response. See the “Notes on Quotations” for more info on including quotations in your writing.

Respond to at least one other student’s discussion post.

Notes on Quotations

Discussion 3B – Prewriting

Think of this discussion post as a prewriting activity for the essay you will draft in this module.

In this discussion post, address some of these questions:

  • What is the main point you hope to present in your essay?
  • What are the main items of support?
  • What are some of the best quotations you’ve found from the primary source(s) to illustrate your points? Choose at least three.
  • Are you using any support from the supplemental readings or other secondary sources that you’ve found? If so, what, and how does this tie into your main point?
  • What ideas do you want to bounce off others before you begin drafting?
  • What questions do you have that you’d like other students’ or your instructor’s feedback on?

Be sure to mention the title and author’s name of the primary source you’ll be writing about in your paper.

Respond to at least one other student’s discussion post.


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