68 Research and Documentation

Please note that this assignment is very involved and takes more time than usual. It will likely take 4+ hours to complete. However, it fulfills several major aspects of Research Essay assignment including research and most of your annotated bibliography/works cited.

Step 1 – Review Resources on Conducting Research

Excelsior College OWL – The Research Process, Research Strategies

Writer’s Handbook – Finding Print, Online, and Field Sources, Choosing Search Terms, and Conducting Research.

Writing Commons – This is a good one! – Finding and Examining the Sources in your Sources. Make sure to read this one.

Step 2 – Review Resources on Evaluating Sources

Source Evaluation Checklist

Writing Commons – What Might be a More Credible, Reliable Source?

Excelsior College OWL – Evaluating Sources

Writer’s Handbook – Evaluating Sources

Step 3 – Complete Research Scavenger Hunt


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