11 Study Guide: Intro to Chemistry

Study Questions

Objective: Describe atomic structure and function.  Relate hydrogen ion concentration to pH.  Relate the characteristics of water to processes critical for life.

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  1. Kinetic energy
  2. Polar molecule
  3. Hydrophobic
  4. Hydrophilic
  5. Solvent
  6. Solute
  7. Surface tension
  8. pH
  9. Concentration
  10. 1 mole

Study Guide Questions

  1. Explain the relationship between the kinetic energy of molecules or atoms in a system, and temperature.
  2. Explain what it means when someone says, “Water is a polar molecule.”  (Bet you hear that all the time!)
  3. What are hydrogen bonds?
  4. Why is it difficult to heat up (or cool down) water?
  5. Why is water such a good solvent?  Are there any substances water cannot dissolve?  Why or why not?
  6. What is surface tension?  Give some biological examples of why surface tension in water is important.
  7. What is a surfactant?
  8. Be able to clearly relate pH and hydrogen ion concentration.
  9. What exactly does a pH of 4 mean?
  10. What impact does changing pH have on proteins?
  11. What are buffers?  What do they do?  Why are they important?


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