80 Study Guide: Mendelian Genetics

Study Questions

ObjectivesDetermine the probable offspring of two parent organisms.

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  1. Phenotype
  2. Genotype
  3. Allele
  4. Trait
  5. Homozygous
  6. Heterozygous
  7. Dominant
  8. Recessive
  9. True breeding
  10. Law of independent assortment
  11. Law of segregation
  12. Test cross

Study Guide Questions

  1. Understand Gregor Mendel’s experiments, his results, and his conclusions.
  2. Clearly relate MEIOSIS to Mendel’s work.
  3. Given data from a genetic cross, be able to determine information about how the trait in question is inherited.
  4. Be able to successfully “do” both monohybrid and dihybrid crosses.
  5. Understand the labels P, F1, F2 in reference to various genetic crosses.
  6. What is a test cross?  When is it used?  Be able to interpret the results of a test cross.
  7. Clearly connect the following 3 words:  genotype, phenotype, protein


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