96 Study Guide: Mechanisms of Evolution

Study Questions

Objective: Compare and contrast the many mechanisms by which evolutionary change occurs.

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  1. Evolution.
  2. Natural selection
  3. Mutation
  4. Gene flow
  5. Genetic drift
  6. Sexual selection

Study Guide Questions

  1. Be able to identify, compare, contrast, and discuss the various mechanisms of microevolution, including:
    1. Mutation
    2. Gene flow
    3. Genetic drift
    4. Sexual selection
    5. Natural selection
  1. What are the observations that led to Darwin’s conclusions regarding natural selection?
  2. Compare and contrast sexual selection and natural selection.
  3. What is the difference between microevolution and macroevolution?  Please don’t just memorize the definitions…be able to APPLY your definitions to different scenarios!  For good practice, think of examples of each!
  4. Clearly explain HOW speciation occurs…
  5. Clearly describe each of the following forms of reproductive isolation.  Be able to compare and contrast each form.
    1. Geographic
    2. Ecological
    3. Temporal
    4. Behavioral
    5. Mechanical
    6. Gametic isolation
    7. Hybrid inviability
  1. Given any scenario, be able to determine the TYPE of reproductive isolation that is occurring.  Make up scenarios and practice!
  2. Explain the connection between reproductive isolation, speciation, and microevolution.


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