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Discussion / Picasso’s Guernica


Do some research on Pablo Picasso and his painting, Guernica.

Share with the class in this discussion any information, reviews, critiques about this iconic painting of the 20th century. Do a search on the internet for anything pertaining to this painting.


Picasso’s Guernica  , by Pablo Picasso, 1937. See Below:

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This picture has stood for a testament against the bombing of civilians by the German airforce. Before this time, all decent civilized peoples followed a general rule of fighting soldiers. Civilians were considered out of bounds, and honor was seen as a military code, which included not harming women ; and children whenever possible.

The Germans broke that code, and became known as truly evil in their attempt to destroy civilization. Picasso’s picture uses symbols, black and white values; and a surreal distortion of the figures in announcing the horror of this type of warfare.

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