176 Module 6 ISIS and Art History Forum 3 Golden Calf

What “Golden Calf” is in your life?

Share with the class something that you hold dear that might be considered an idol. 

We are discussing the power of icons. Do we have idol worship in our lives?

What is the power of images?


Do some research on this, including websites/articles.

Is our worship of images a good thing?

What part do images play in our secular or religious life?

Do we worship certain images?

Is that a good thing?

Can we appreciate that some would see idol worship as a bad thing?

What about the Golden Calf in the Bible?

Do we have any Golden Idols in our lives?


I love food, there are times when I would rather have a good corned beef sandwich in a NYC deli than anything, well almost anything. Is that my golden calf, and am I too centered on food ?

Are Americans wasteful, and do they consume too much of the world’s resources?

Maybe fasting once in a while might prove useful, and teach me something valuable about my relationship with the world.

Mr. S.


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