166 Module 5 Art and War Forum 2 Nazi Theft of Art

In the Discussion Forum, we will be researching, how the Nazi’s in WWII collected art from Jewish private collections, and later sold them to private individuals, and museums. 

See Lumen Text:

Periods in Art History: Art in  Nazi Germany

Watch the Audio/Reading: Nazi-Era Art Cache Brings Provenance Issues to Swiss Museum

See the Lumen Art History II Text/ Chapter 6


Audie Cornish talks to Jonathan Petropolous, professor of European History at Claremont McKenna College, about the acceptance of Nazi-era art by the Museum of Fine Arts Bern in Switzerland.Click on the following link.  Listen to the audio version or read the transcript.  

You may have seen the film about a stolen portrait by an Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt.

Here is a link to another image by Klimt:

Do some research on the painting, and the issues surrounding it’s final return to the family that owned it before the Nazi’s stole it.

Watch the videos, and do your own independent research on the story.

Gustav Klimt Woman In Gold 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk5YNt6Q4Z8   University of California TV

Provide the class discussion forum with other articles, websites; and videos that educate the class about how stolen Nazi art continues to be an issue in our time. Here are a few examples:





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