Art Project 2 Zen Drawing Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes:

A hands on art project in which student must create a series of three drawings which use 1. linear perspective, 2. contour lines as a major element in drawings ; and 3. a self portrait.…chis-experiement/…erspective-works/

This art project will explore the idea of line, specifically contour line. Some think of this as an outline.But actually it is different then the outline in a coloring book because the line varies from dark to light , thick to thin. In the text there is a discussion of this difference.

1. Take a sharp pencil and sit comfortably with a large sheet of white paper. You can use standard printer paper, but for many objects a larger sheet is better. Turn off music and unplug the phone.

You will be sketching fruit or veggies. Find one with an interesting shape. Some examples might be apples, pears, squash, banana. Avoid complex forms for now, i.e. no artichokes. Concentrate on the outer edge of the fruit/veg and try not to look at your paper as you slowly move your pencil around the edge of the shape, varying the line as you move your eye.

It is very important to go slow here. Do about an hour of drawing a few different forms. The idea is to make a line that gives a three dimensional feel to the object. Avoid sketching or shading.

2. Try with just contour lines to draw an interior of your bedroom. In clude everything that you see. Include large areas/shapes with detail/smaller shapes. Do not try to finish quickly.

3. Try a contour line drawing of your face including head and shoulders.Don’t worry about drawing skills here. I will not be grading according to skill, but will be looking for a sincere effort. Some of you have had more experience drawing realistically, but everyone can experience the idea of seeing in this type of assignment.


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