84 Key Characteristics of Art: 1900 to the Present

Identify and describe key characteristics and defining events of art from 1900 to the present

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this section include:

  • Reading: Cubism and Picasso’s Still Life with Chair Caning
  • Video: Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VII, 1913, Abstract Expressionism
  • Reading: British Art and Literature During WWI
  • Reading: Italian Futurism: An Introduction
  • Reading: Dada and Surrealism
  • Reading: Art in Nazi Germany
  • Reading: The Origins of Abstract Expressionism
  • Reading: Photography
  • Reading: Contemporary Art
  • Reading: Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe
  • Reading: Conceptual Art
  • Reading: Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document
  • Reading: Appropriation (The “Pictures Generation”)

Take time to review and reflect on each of these activities in order to improve your performance on the assessment for this section.


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