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I thought that it would be interesting to have some assignments dealing with women artists. I am especially interested in research on individual women artists. What can you come up with and share with the class?The most interesting entry gets a free trip to Wallyworld.

Seriously, as in many arenas women were not honored as artists, writers, etc. Some like Georges Sand took the name of a man in order to be recognized. Not only were women not supposed to go beyond the boundaries of home, they were not considered for their creative minds.

Worse, in some countries women are property; and have no human rights above camels, or sheep.They are not allowed to learn, leave home without being in the company of a man; and are not allowed any free speech to create art.

In our time things have changed. In this Module we are trying to honor those changes.

Khan Academy  A brief history of Women in Art


Reading in text, Mary Kelley’s Post-Partum Document


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