147 Module 1 What Is Art Class Forum 1 What is Art?


Before participating in the class discussion, you should read all of the documents throughout the course dealing with attendance, and discussion guidelines.

In addition, you can refer to the Youtube videos included in this module. 

You may Google a simple question, What Is Art?

You might see what is in our online text, which you will find in the Learning Modules.

Here is the link: 




https://courses.lumenlearning.com/masteryart1-91/chapter/oer-1-11/    Aesthetics and Beauty

https://courses.lumenlearning.com/masteryart1-91/chapter/oer-1-2/      Purposes of Art

The link below is for Picasso from a Lumen art History text:



Your first discussion will be :

  • What are artists for?
  • How do artists affect our life?
  • What role do they play in 21st Century society?  

Why has every culture since the caves had artists? We know what doctors do, or auto mechanics, but what role do artists play in our society? Try and come up with a few here. Anything goes here.

You will start out with some very general ideas here, speaking from your own knowledge.

Then I want you to research briefly the role of the artist in society. Do this in the text, and check out the links to art research sites found in the Bulletin Board Document: Art Research Websites. Share anything of interest that you stumble upon in your search.


Here is an image of an African “fetish figure”. The purpose of this work was to “ward off evil, to vanquish enemies; and solve problems for the village.

Here is an african figure known as a fetish figure. Do ancient people see art in the same way we do in the 21st Century?


Is this what artists do today? How are modern artists different than artists from primitive cultures?

What does a self- portrait by Rembrandt do for us?


What is the idea left behind for us by this great artist from the past?

I have included Videos on different subjects asking questions about Art and Beauty.


In your discussion, you may reference these videos, and use the Lumen text text, and your own independent research to answer the question: What Is Art?

These are just some examples from an infinite number of choices. Good luck!





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