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Learning Outcomes_Student will study how artists portray the issues of race through recent history and in contemporary art. Through discussion forums, and written research, students will become familiar with, and debate how race influences art.

You are not required to use any specific website, or article to succeed in this module. You may always use your own independent research in all the assignments in this module. The websites, articles; and links, in the course are all examples of research done on the topic in this module.

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Gordon ParksAmerican Gothic. Portrait of government cleaning woman Ella Watson.
Date August 1942

American Gothic, Gordon Parks Photography


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Module 2 Links



National Museum of African American History and Culture https://nmaahc.si.edu/









Write a 350 word research paper on one of the artists covered in the Module.

Three sources, include footnotes 

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1.   Art and Race

In this discussion we will look at artists that inform us of the African American experience.

The scope and creativity of African American artists will be explored. I have also included one portrait by the famous artist from the Spanish Court, Diego Velasquez.


2.   Artistic Freedom      Scott Tyler_Proper American Flag

The American Flag is an image that has been used by artists since the beginning of our country. Artist are protected by the First Amendment, and political acts by artists are also protected.

Scott Tyler is an African American artist whose art is meant to force us to think about the issue of race.


3.    Artistic Freedom II       Chris Ofili_Holy Virgin Mary_Sensation Exhibit

Cris Ofili is a artist who lives in London. He was one of the artists whose exhibit in the Brooklyn Museum in NYC, caused a stir. His painting, The Holy Virgin Mary is all about our stereotypes, and racial issues.

4.   Extra Credit   Treyvon Martin and Stereotypes

This is an extra credit look at how racial stereotypes can altar perceptions. Art uses images, but we all don’t see these images in the same way. From the American flag, to the Holy Virgin, to a boy wearing a hoodie, we all see things differently.


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