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The below essay concerns an exhibit displaying the American flag, and artistic freedom. The student has numerous spelling errors, and does not go beyond their own personal opinion.

Subject: American Flag

The American Falgsp was displayed by placing it against the wall with the width against the walls edges and the length extended outwards to the visitors. I never heard of such a thing until I read about this,Where did you read this?Use a footnote denoting the source I know that it’s not right to place a flag in such a way that was representing the nations of the world and our freedom. Flags being placed in everything to be soldis spok. The flags stands for something and needs tj=o??? be shown. MAybe the whole tolietsp paper thing is taken it a bit far but if it’s not being used I guess it’s ok just to have. The works of art of the flag displays are people expressing their thoughts of the world and their freedom. Never seen such a thing about the flag. I personally would not have written in the book because it just wouldn’t feel right standing on our falg that represents our nation. The picture on the wall shows the title with a photographs of the flag, below that is a bookshelf. I believe that our freedom of speech is important. We need to have the rights to state what we want to and how we feel about certain measures the government takes and how things work.

Subject: Good website for roman Art

While researching Roman Art I found a website that tells some history of roman art, artists, and artworks. The website is: http://www.crystalinks.com/romeart.html.

The above example doesn’t elaborate about the included website. I want to get a brief description of what is on it, and see a personal reaction to the site.

We want a mix of research, and personal reaction to this type of topic.

Subject: DaVinci’s Ginevra de Benci

This painting is of a young, intelligent woman who was praised to be one of the most intellecutally gifted individuals of her time. This piece is belivedsp to be a celebration of her marriage to Luigi Niccolini, at the age of 17. Her unfocused gaze could mean that she was less than thrilled about her impending marriage to Luigi. footnote

The use of contrasting shapes are interesting ,and add character to this piece. For example, the contrast of the ringlets of her hair against a backdrop of spikes from a juniper bush is marvelous.

Notice that the above submission has spelling errors, no footnotes; and no accompanying websites.The last sentence certainly is copied verbatim from a site.


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