Art Project 1 Collage_Artist Bio Learning Outcomes

Art Project 1_ Collage

Student learning outcomes: A hands on art project in which student must create a collage on a specific theme.

Make a collage digitally, or with images that you print out. You can take a final image of your collage and attach it as a file.

I want each each of you to make a biographical collage of an artist. You should include an entire history of their work, including many well known, and lesser known works.

You also should include boxes of text explaining their evolution as an important artist. You might also include boxes of text concerned with individual works of art.

I have included an example here of a poster made about the life and art of Claude Monet.

The poster covers the entire, long history of Monet’s art. From his beginnings in the middle of the 19th century, to his later works of the early 20th century, the “collage” gives you a summary of Monet’s contribution to the history of art.




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