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Week 6: Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of the 1600s and 1700s

“Let them eat cake!” “No, how about we cut your head off instead!” The French Revolution was ugly, bloody and idealistic.This tutorial covers the beginning of the end of the Bourbon rule (actually doesn’t really go away for 60 years) and birth of France as a Republic (which will really take about 80 years).


Napoleonic Europe and Reactionism

The Industrial Revolution

Watch the Following Supplemental Videos

  1. Part 1 of the French Revolution [Enter key starts video]
    From the Convocation of the Estates General to the storming of the Bastille. Created by Sal Khan.
  2. Royals Try to Escape [Enter key starts video]
    Champ De Mars Massacre. Declaration of Pillnitz. Movement towards becoming a Republic. Created by Sal Khan.
  3. The Reign of Terror [Enter key starts video]
    Created by Sal Khan.


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