86 Answers to Facts/Inferences/Judgments from Module 6

1. On a smooth road, shock absorber pistons move back and forth about 15 times a second. Fact- this is something that can be proven to be true (or not).
2. A car’s ignition is a rat’s nest of wires.
Judgment- giving the complexity of the wires a negative perspective.
3. Metallurgy is essential knowledge for someone responsible for doing theoretical research in steel.
Inference- based on past experience, this seems true, but with new technology, someone may be able to do everything solely through machines.
4. The shop foreman is a considerate person.
Judgment- good or bad quality.
5. Diagrams in this technical report show the parts of a door hinge.
Fact- you can see it.
6. Metal replacement parts are used in the human body.
Fact- I don’t not if this is true, but I can find out.
7. The generator will be working when you return.
Inference- anytime you’re looking into the future
8. This is the world’s best generator.
Judgment- good or bad quality.
9. The way the material is machined may cause the residual stress.
Inference- future
10. The alloy was hard.
Perhaps a trick question- Perhaps there are different levels of hardness, but the levels are hard just the same. This should be a fact.


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