5 Course Objectives

Goals — This course should:

  • provide you with the confidence to use written communication in your work and personal experience beyond college,
  • acquaint you with the concept of a writer-reader relationship and identify the need for active participation from both writer and reader,
  • teach you the skills needed to successfully communicate in a modern world through written materials.

Objectives — If you effectively complete readings, practice exercises, workshops and assignments, you will:

  • learn to identify and select many types of writing frequently required in a variety of careers,
  • practice audience analysis and develop effective communication strategies for a variety of audiences,
  • determine your purposes/objectives and develop skill in composing and revising on the computer documents with formats and language appropriate for those purposes,
  • demonstrate in your writing the effective communication principles encouraged by professional writers,
  • achieve a greater awareness of the importance of selecting and integrating graphics with written communication,


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