38 Point System Review

Just a reminder that documents are evaluated using a point system with grades of 1 through 3 given based on the quality of the design and content (sometimes a paper may receive a “Redo” if I believe a student will benefit from more work on it). A “2” paper is a good paper. It’s not something to frown at, but you do have the option to revise a 2 paper if you’d like.

Don’t think of the point system as a percentage, 3 being 100 percent, 2 being 66 percent and so on. It’s not like that. WIth straight 2s, you would definitely receive enough points for a C grade and possibly more based on other points (from discussion and homework). So don’t be discouraged with “2” grades. A “3” grade is a great paper, a professional document. Usually they come about with revision.


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