59 Writing a Memorandum

This assignment will be somewhat different from the other two. You will not need to include a Cover Sheet for this assignment (though you certainly are free to pre-write). You are concerned about a problem in one of the two organizations you wrote about earlier. Write a memo to a person or persons in your organization addressing one of the following scenarios:


a. If you have been given the responsibility of dealing with the problem, write to your supervisor and explain your response (actions, suggestions, decisions).


b. If you have discovered the problem and want another person or group to solve it, then write to that audience and persuade them to respond (to come up with a solution or to follow one you’ve suggested).


Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Don’t try to fit everything into one big section. Also, provide some depth to this. I can’t analyze a document that is too brief to include technical content and design components.


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