79 Fact, Inference, Judgment Discussion

Identify the following sentences as facts, inferences and judgments. Some of you will disagree with your classmates. Let’s discuss why one might better be called an inference or judgment and not a fact. Also, listen for facts, inferences and judgments as you go through your daily routine. See how people use or misuse each. Try to bring some examples back to the discussion. Look at how they are similar to some of these examples.

The “answers” to this assignment will be posted in the next module, though you can disagree with those answers if you use logical argument to prove otherwise.

  1. On a smooth road, shock absorber pistons move back and forth about 15 times a second.
  2. A car’s ignition is a rat’s nest of wires.
  3. Metallurgy is essential knowledge for someone responsible for doing theoretical research in steel.
  4. The shop foreman is a considerate person.
  5. Diagrams in this technical report show the parts of a door hinge.
  6. Metal replacement parts are used in the human body.
  7. The generator will be working when you return.
  8. This is the world’s best generator.
  9. The way the material is machined may cause the residual stress.
  10. The alloy was hard.


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