16 Discussion Grading Rubric

Each discussion post is graded according to the following rubric.

Points    Interpretation    Grading criteria

4    Excellent (A)    The comment is accurate, original, relevant, teaches us something new, and is well written. Four point comments add substantial teaching presence to the course, and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion.
3    Above Average (B)    The comment lacks at least one of the above qualities, but is      above average in quality. A three point comment makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issue being discussed.
2    Average (C)    The comment lacks two or three of the required qualities. Comments which are based upon personal opinion or personal experience often fall within this category.
1    Minimal (D)    The comment presents little or no new information. However, one point comments may provide important social presence and contribute to a collegial atmosphere .
0    Unacceptable (F)    The comment adds no value to the discussion.

Each forum is worth up to 12 points, and each entry is worth up to four points.Thus, you should have at least three entries per forum, more if you want to ensure that you reach 12 points.You should participate in dicussions on a regular basis (three days or more per discussion). Points will not be given to students who enter the discussions for the first time on the last two or three days.


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