33 Five Concepts to Strengthen Professional Writing

The following concepts can be beneficial in helping to improve your professional writing style:

Use Short Sentences: On average, your sentences should be between 12 and 18 words. You need to always think about varying the length of your sentences, some with fewer than 12 words and a few with more than 18 words, but keep them short on average.

Choose Simple Language: Complex terms are sometimes needed in technical writing, but they are often unnecessary for the reader’s comprehension. Choose simple words when you have the choice.

Use Visual Language: Vague images make writing dull and unclear. Choose short, concrete words that the reader can visualize.

Connect to Experiences: Readers feel more comfortable with what they know. Find a way to connect to a new idea with something your reader is already familiar with.

Express Thoughts Clearly: Trying to impress your audience with your knowledge and skills can sometimes lead to complicated messages. Present your ideas simplyand directly.


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