23 Parallelism worksheet

Rewrite each of the following examples to correct faulty parallelism. Try to leave items in lists, so you are correcting parallelism, not eliminating it:


  1. The town was small, quiet, and the atmosphere was peaceful.
  2. Her lost assignment is in her closet, on the floor, and the clothes are hiding it.
  3. One clerk polished the antique spoons; they were placed into the display case by the other clerk.
  4. My favorite armchair is lumpy, worn out, and has dirt spots everywhere.
  5. She enjoys reading novels, studying the flute, and also sews her own clothes.
  6. He admires teachers who make the classroom an exciting place and willingly explaining material more than once.
  7. The exam was challenging, long, and it showed a creative imagination.
  8. Many people in developing countries suffer because the countries lack sufficient housing to accommodate them, sufficient food to feed them, and their health-care facilities are inadequate.
  9. Eat, drink, and let us be merry.
  10. I came; I saw; the enemy was conquered.


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