40 Newsletter Summary Example

ENGLISH 235- TECHNICAL WRITING                                       MEYERS
Assignment:   Newsletter Summary
Organization: Clinton Times
READER(S)/AUDIENCE:  Parents of young children
Position in organization: Students, faculty, staff, administration
Prior knowledge of this subject: Have dealt with kids before and may appreciate these tips.
Prior attitude toward this subject: Do not like dealing with the negative attitudes that kids give them.
Prior attitude toward me:  Understands that I am representing the newsletter and have taken the time to research this topic. Expects me to be professional
Reasons for reading: It will enlighten him on how to add creativity and fun into daily routines with kids.
Probable response to this: Will read it; will use the suggestions; ignore it.
WRITER/SENDER: Roxanne Lamberton – English 235-02C
Position: Staff Writer.
Purpose for writing:  Tired of fighting with the kids to get daily necessities done.
Tone wanted here: creativity and inspiring.
Type of document: Good newsletter: Full-block format.
Order of information: Introductory paragraph with source info followed by a highlighted list of important info, listed in emphatic order. Wrapped up with a concluding statement to my reader.
Graphics needed/included: N/A
My source of information: An article from “Parenting”, May 2003 and my own experience.
Jazz up baths, bedtime, and more
Four Steps to Break from the Routine
By Roxanne Lamberton
Kids thrive on regular schedules; however, every now and then the whole family can benefit from a little something different. An article in Parenting, May 2003, “Make over your day,” by Barbara Rowley, has four steps for jazzing up baths, bedtime, and more.
  1. Playtime: Color outside the lines. Go to a different playground than usual.   Introduce new elements to playtime and your kids can be elevated from typical to great. One example is painting the dollhouse furniture. It blurs the line between pretend play and arts and crafts.
  1. Meals:  Think venue and menu. A couple of changes at dinnertime can help resolve conflicts, spark conversations, and even encourage more adventurous eating. Occasionally have your dinner backwards where sweets come first. Have your kids help plan an out-of-the-ordinary meal. It generates excitement and inspires them to help.
  1. Bathtime: Just add to the water. Use plastic items from around the house. A salad spinner makes whirlpools for little boats. Draw over baby dolls with washable markers before the kids go into the tub, then scold the dolls for their mess and scrub them clean. Consider the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a clothes-on bath when the outfits are as dirty as they are.
  1. Bed: Simplify your strategy. A bit of night air is calming for everyone. Stargazing helps turn off the busy part of the day and prepares for the quiet, cozy part of the night which is bath, books, and bed. A short walk around the neighborhood to say good night is also relaxing.
Following these tips will spruce up the everyday routines. You can add fun into any daily routine and transform it into a memory.


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