7 How You Will Be Evaluated

Your final grade for this course will be determined by the following scale based on the grade percentage you receive in three areas: Discussions, Review Quizzes and Professionally Written Documents. A breakdown of those categories will follow.

Your final letter grade will be based on the following scale:

A: 95 to 100 percent.

A-: 90 to 94 percent.

B+: 87 to 89 percent

B: 83 t0 86 percent.

B-: 80 to 82 percent.

C+: 77 to 79 percent

C: 73 to 76 percent.

C-: 70 to 72 percent.

D+: 67 to 69 percent

D: 64 to 66 percent.

D-: 60 to 63 percent.

F: Below 60 percent.

Professional documents are worth 70 percent of the overall grade and will receive up to 4 points each based on the following criteria:

Excellent: more than adequate in some aspects, 4 points

Adequate: good enough to submit at work , 3 points

Approaching adequate: needs some work to submit at work, 2 points

Inadequate: could not be submitted on the job, 1 point

Papers may be rewritten once for an improved grade. Rewrites must be handed in within one week. In other words, if you hand in your first paper Jan. 30 and I hand it back to you Feb. 1 with 2 points, you can rewrite that paper and re-submit it by Feb. 8 to receive more points, if warranted. Papers will also receive a point deduction when they are late.

Participation in discussions will be worth 20 percent of your overall grade. You can earn up to 12 points for each discussion (you may earn more than 12, but the maximum number of points to determine your grade percentage is 12). Each entry is worth up to 4 points.

Review quizzes will be worth 10 percent of your overall grade. Each quiz is graded on a 10-point total.


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