57 Instructions for Letter of Application/Resume

For this assignment, you will be writing a Letter of Application and Resume to send to a job opening that actually exists. Although I don’t expect you to actually send it to the business (unless you want to), I do expect professional quality from you.
Find a job listing (an advertisement or at a placement bureau) which appeals to you and for which you feel qualified or will feel qualified in the near future. It may be a full-time or part-time job.


Write a letter of application for the job. Follow this outline for the letter:


Introduction: Tell of your interest in the position.

*the position you are applying for.

*where you heard about the job.


Body: Explain why you are a desirable candidate.

*show knowledge of the company.

*show understanding of the job requirements.

*show preparation for the job: training, education, experience (be specific).

*explain why you are leaving your present job (optional).

*let your reader know you are ready to learn new aspects (don’t mention weaknesses- speak to your



Conclusion: Motivate action.

*request an interview.

*refer to the resume.


Do not ask questions about salaries, benefits, etc. Remember persuasive strategies: credibility, facts, non-emotional tone. Include a photocopy of the listing. Include your resume.


Following is a sample student letter of application. For resumes, you can check for samples in local placement offices and in your textbook.


32 Hillcrest Avenue
Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901
February 23, 2005
Mrs. Betty Bates
Director of Field Services
North Country Girl Scout Council
155 Boynton Avenue
Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901
Dear Mrs. Bates:
I am applying for the position of Career Program Coordinator being offered by the North Country Girl Scout Council. I feel I possess the proper professional qualifications as well as enthusiasm and a capacity for work that would make me a valuable addition to your staff.
I have earned two degrees: Liberal Arts and Recreational Leadership. My education enables me to view the overall picture of Career Program Coordinator from an administrative aspect as well as from actually working with area youths; this background should benefit your total program.
I have a good working knowledge of the community. I am currently serving actively in four Girl Scout committees: as the Preferred Delegate to the Board of Directors; as the leader of two local Girl Scout troops; and as director of Cadette Planning Board. In the five years I have lived in Plattsburgh, I have coordinated twenty-three programs as a Girl Scout volunteer. I have also worked with local 4-H groups by providing them with training sessions.
My experience with Girl Scouting demonstrates my ability to handle this position and my dedication to the program of scouting and to working effectively with area youths.
My resume is enclosed. I will be happy to provide any additional information that you might require and will be available for an interview at your convenience.
Thank you for your consideration.
Sharon L. Vogel

Now turn to the Asssignment Document: Letter of Application/Resume with Cover Sheet to complete this assignment.



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