51 Memo example

Memos are documents used within organizations. They have a much different format from business letters. Note the heading of the following sample, identifying TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT. Also note that there is no signature line in a memorandum.


TO:                 Mr. Rogers
FROM:           Erin Facsimile   EF  
DATE:            October 12, 2015
RE:                 MATHCOUNTS 2003
On February 15, 2003, the annual MATHCOUNTS competition for local middle school students will take place at Plattsburgh High School. It is very important to keep you up to date with the number of students who will participate and the current funds we have accrued in the Champlain Valley Chapter.
At this time, we currently have a total of 24 students and only $120.00 in the local chapter’s checking/savings account. The following breakdown indicates an estimate of where the cost to sponsor this program and the funds stand:
                                                            Chapter Account        $120.00
q       Savings Bond                                                               $ 50.00
q       Awards (i.e. trophies)                                                   120.00
q       Breakfast snacks (i.e., donuts, muffins)                 50.00
q       Beverages (i.e., juice, milk, coffee)                                   50.00
q       Misc. paper products (i.e., cups, plates, napkins)            20.00
TOTAL            $290.00
GRAND TOTAL       -$170.00
Our expenses far exceed the money we have attained and I feel that we will need to find a way to make this event happen each year. I suggest that we look for volunteers and/or donations from local businesses. Possibly a store may donate some donuts and beverages for this event.
Your help in this matter is critical at this time. In a matter of months, this will take place and we need to be fully prepared to put the competition on. Please let me know when you wish to discuss this matter.
Thanks for your help!


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