52 Information needed for cover sheet

Please review the following information relevant to the cover sheets you are writing for each assignment- this cover sheet is specifically referring to what kind of information you should put on the Letter of Application cover sheet:


ENGLISH 235                                                                           MEYERS

TECHNICAL WRITING                                                             08/30/14




Assignment: Letter of Application, with Resume


Organization:   (this is the organization you are representing with this document- who is going to benefit from the reader’s response?)


READER (S)/AUDIENCE: (this is the person/organization you are writing to; remember that with a letter of application, knowing a person’s name to send the letter to is one way of advancing above other applicants)


Position in organization: (this is the position of the person listed above as well as the company he/she represents)


Prior knowledge of this subject:  (what does your reader know about the information you are providing? About the process involved?)


Prior attitude toward this subject:  (how does the reader feel about filling this position?)


Prior attitude toward me:  (how does the reader feel about you as an applicant? As a potential employee?)


Reason for reading: (why is the reader bothering to look at your material?)


Probable response: (how do you hope the reader with actively respond to your document?)


WRITER/SENDER: (this is your name and your course number- remember to separate the document you are writing from the course- you are writing a professional document, not a student homework assignment)


Position for this writing: (what is your role in the writer-reader relationship?)


Purpose of writing: (why are you involved in that relationship?)


Tone wanted here: (what kind of mood do you want to create with this document? A humorous approach? A serious approach? A stern approach? Think about the different kinds of tone you can use- refer to the handout on cover sheets.)




            Type of document: Formal business letter


Order of information: (What kind of format are you using for the letter? What kind of resume are you using?)


Graphics needed: (is a photo, chart, table or other graphic relevant to this document?)


Source of information: (did you do any research? Is the information coming from personal experience? From others you’ve talked to?)


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