15 Written Assignment, Deliveryman Note

You are Mrs. Sanderson. You’ve just written a note to the Deliveryman and have taken a second look at it. Suddenly you realize that the milkman is not going to understand a single word you’ve said. Rewrite the note using language and design to help the milkman do his job:



John has got some more asthma, and we are going to take him away for a while so we do not want any more milk. Jim, my husband, will be home some of the time though and I guess you had better leave me some milk at that. Instead of leaving me three quarts of milk on Monday, do not leave this amount. And the three quarts of milk the other two days that week, don’t leave them either. But Wednesday you could leave Jim a quart, and oh, besides the eggs Monday, half a dozen would do, leave him a quart on Friday. That would be fine along with the cream cheese, Quaker City Brand like always, small. We should be back on Saturday night, so if you come Sunday leave me three quarts of milk and then I will write you a more detailed note letting you know what else we need, or else I might see you. I hope this note is all right. I didn’t have time to go into all of the details that I would have liked to!


Remember, you will want to send this document over to me as an attachment. Please refer to the Student Orientation for instructions, or contact the help desk for information.


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