18 Deliveryman Note Discussion

Okay. Simple assignment, right? I’m sure you all found her note to be awful.  But let’s take a few minutes to discuss why it’s awful.  From a technical writing perspective, remember that you have to think about both the content and design of documents.
I would like each of you to comment on what you think is wrong with the note. For instance, what about the opening: Milkman.? Who thinks she should have written “Dear Milkman,” and why? And what about the asthma information? Remember, in technical writing, we always want to keep the reader in mind. We  write for the reader’s needs, not ours.
Talk about some of the things you did to improve the memo.  How did you make it readable? How did you help the milk carrier’s job easier?
Then I would like you to respond to at least two other comment from a classmate. That way, we can start some lively discussions on reader-writer relationships. Also, comment on any suggestions you had for the previous section on what makes a good movie. Did you improve that document? Good luck. Remember, you are trying to collect at least 12 points.


Please remember to check out these discussion areas on a regular basis. Don’t come in on one day, put in a bunch of responses and then disappear. I’d really like to see a lot of effort put into these discussions. Thanks.



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